Capabilities & Resources

Market Entry Strategy
Having managed in the Japan sales affiliates of US medical device makers, and with experience managing Japan /Asia distributor networks from the US, Geoff has an intimate understanding of the challenges facing both models.

Combining this understanding of the issues and trade-offs generally with specific knowledge of the market under focus, Geoff is equipped to help his client find the right solution for its needs and resource availability.  With his involvement over time in the Japan medical device industry, Geoff has a network of ex-colleagues and acquaintances across a range of healthcare related fields including medical devices, diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, the drug retailing industry and biotechnology, who can be called upon to provide specific guidance related to their area of expertise.

Asia Network
Understanding the comparison between investments in distribution in Japan, China, and the other markets in Asia-Pacific is often crucial to making the best choices for the company and its stakeholders.  To help in characterizing markets in the region and the investment choices available, Geoff has access to former colleagues and acquaintances across the region covering a wide range of specialties in the healthcare field.  Working with these resources, he is able to help guide his clients to optimal solutions for each market and for the regional strategy overall.

Clinical & Regulatory Strategy & Implementation
Charting a path through regulatory strategy, clinical trials (where necessary) to regulatory submission and approval is a key link in the chain to creating value.  Geoff is able to access resources in this area including regulatory professionals, clinical managers and contract research organizations to help build the plan and subsequently implement it where appropriate.

Sales Force Management Resources
In market entry modes where direct sales staff are called for, finding the right initial sales manager(s) sets the foundation for the calibre and morale of the team he/she builds.  While it may be a stretch to promise that the perfect sales management for a particular business can be located and recruited for a start-up venture in a given period of time, Geoff has a network of former colleagues and acquaintances who are sales management professionals covering a number of healthcare fields, and is equipped to lead or assist the process of surveying the landscape to find the best founding manager(s) possible for a new sales team.

Human Resource Recruitment
In entry modes where direct staff across various functions are needed, Geoff is able to leverage an array of talent recruitment agencies in Japan and throughout the Asian region.

Intellectual Property, Licensing & Business Development Resources
Where intellectual property management, licensing, partnering and joint venture structures are involved in the pathway to creating value, Geoff is able to access patent attorneys and business development resources in Japan, the US, and around the Asian region to help guide his client to sound, professionally-advised solutions.

Investment Banking, M&A, Commercial Banking, Financial & Tax Accounting Resources
Japan has highly skilled professional services available to support establishment of new entities, financing arrangements, tax-driven choices, etc., as well as merger & acquisition transactions.  Geoff is able to help locate and leverage these resources as appropriate.

Restructuring Consulting Resources
Nobody likes restructuring, but for some established enterprises business fortunes or strategic imperatives sometimes make this unavoidable.  Japan is a relatively difficult environment for staff reductions.  In the bad scenario, a company can become a target for opportunistic unions who attach themselves to the company's employees and picket the main office premises while inviting media coverage in an effort to bully the company into providing richer severance benefits.  There are reliable ways to minimize this risk, and consulting resources available to help with this process.